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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need?  This depends on you as an individual and also the issue but generally between 1 & 3 sessions will  be sufficient.

Will I be asleep?  No! You will be relaxed  but alert throughout the session.

Can anyone be hypnotised? Most people can but only if they want to be; it’s not for everyone however and this is why I offer a free initial consultation.

Will I be under your control whilst hypnotised?  No, you will be relaxed but in control, you can not be made to do or say anything you don’t want to.

Is success guaranteed? Unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand & much of the success of any hypnotherapy depends on the willingness & full participation of the client but if you want change sufficiently then there’s no reason it shouldn't work for you.

Do you offer hypnotherapy via Skype?  Yes I can offer hypnotherapy via Skype if you can’t make it to my home based treatment rooms in Worthing

Are there real benefits to regular massage? Apart from the feelings of enhanced relaxation that massage can bring Scientists now believe that regular massage has numerous tangible health benefits including but not limited to the following:

Stimulates & detoxifies the body by stimulating the flow of toxic waste from the muscles, organs & tissues to the lymph glands (the body’s natural defence system against toxins & impurities) so promoting improved health & possibly boosting the immune system.

Relieves tired, aching joints & muscles by promoting fresh blood supplies & therefore oxygen & nutrients to connective tissues & muscles, helping to lubricate joints & increase  flexibility.

Assists injury recovery by breaking up scar tissue for more efficient movement, helping to improve functional abilities and range of motion.

Prevent injury & illness by helping to release tense muscles which would otherwise tighten and pull the body out of alignment, restricting circulation.  

Pain relief by promoting the release of serotonin, the body’s natural feel good, pain relief chemical; additionally massage can increase deep sleep which in itself helps to reduce chronic pain.  Headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia and arthritis are just some of the conditions in which massage has been shown to have positive benefits by producing significant improvements in pain, stiffness and function.

Reduces stress & anxiety by calming the body and relaxing the mind massage also helps to reduce stress by reducing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, boosting lymphocytes & lowering cortisol levels.

It Feels Wonderful!  Any one who has had a massage can attest that you feel like a new person afterwards, as if the health benefits listed above were not enough a good massage boosts endorphins & serotonin leaving you on a natural high, so if you have never had a professional massage, now is the time to try!