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Mind Body Harmony You are capable of amazing things


Weight Loss & Weight Management incorporating the Virtual Gastric Band

Phobias & Fears - from flying to snakes, spiders, mice & many more

Exam Stress, study motivation, speed reading, public speaking.

Reclaim your health & stop once & for all.

Smoking is a habit, not an addiction

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, complementary therapy practice that utilises Hypnosis, a completely natural, state of relaxation that allows focused attention and awareness.

Most of us have experienced that “how did I get here” moment when driving along a familiar route, or have been so caught up in a book or movie that we no longer notice what’s going on around us or we completely lose track of time - this is a form of light hypnotic trance.

Sometimes problems can not be solved simply with the practical conscious mind alone so Hypnosis provides access to the more emotional un conscious mind, allowing it to release old, outdated habits, fears and emotions that may be holding you back; as such it is a powerful tool for change and a process that most people find extremely relaxing.

All hypnosis is, in reality, self hypnosis and during the trance process you will be aware of your surroundings and entirely in control - the hypnotherapist is there only to guide you with techniques, positive instructions and suggestions which you may choose to follow or not.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Personal motivation, whether getting to the gym or beating those sales targets

The issues that can be assisted by hypnotherapy are many & varied but certainly include: Overcoming Stress and Anxiety, Weight Loss & Management, Chronic Pain Control, Becoming a Non-Smoker Again, Fear of Flying, Eating Disorders, Sports Enhancement, Self Confidence, Sleep Issues,  Assertiveness, Motivation, Exam Motivation, IBS, Panic Attacks,  Fears & Phobias and many more.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation either by phone or skype so for further information on how hypnotherapy could help you please do contact me.

Although most people find that they start to notice changes after just one session hypnotherapy is not necessarily a quick fix but works on creating permanent change so you can continue to enjoy the new benefits long after the sessions are over.

Sessions can either be in person or by skype, if getting to my home treatment room in Worthing is not practical and whichever option you prefer the sessions are personalised to resolving your issues.  The first session will usually take between an hour and an hour and a half, giving you plenty of time to ask any questions you might have.  Follow on sessions take around an hour.  If you opt for one of the packages I offer this will usually include a personalised back up track for you to listen to in between sessions.

What’s the process?